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Upcoming Events:
Sept 16&17 – South River – Pizza Rendevousnote location change
Dick and Donna Mannion 249-3676
Art and Elise Tierney 249-2859
Roy and Kathy Ruppert 249-1162
Update 9/9/14
The original Pizza Rendevous has been changed from Club Foot Creek to South River, approximately 1/2 mi past the cemetery. Its a great spot, well protected and quiet. So please sign up with the great trip captains:
Art & Elise Tierney 249-2859
Dick & Donna Mannion 249-3676
Roy & Kathy Ruppert 249-1162
Jerry Buckman 516-457-4783 / 252-249-0840
Update 9/7/14
Location: S. West Creek South River raft up(not overnight) or dink over
Directions— go past cemetary on the left continue up South River 18 minutes more Creek is on the right
Byob and munchie to share – PIZZA supplied – time-1630 – monitor channel 72 – R S V P by Sun— 9/14
Mannion’Donna and Dick— Wind Melody 249-1162
Ruppert Cathy and Ray—Kady K 249-3676
Tierney Elise and Art-Quixotic 249-2859
Hope you can join us — You will be spellbound by the beauty and isolation

Sept 19-21 – Oriental Cup Regatta (not a SCOO event)

Sept. 23-26 – Little Washington Cruise
Stacey and Bob Taylor 745-4630
Update 8/29/14
Make plans to join us for the annual SCOO cruise to two of the finest destinations in the area; historic Bath with its beautiful harbor and Washington with its first class waterfront. We’ll rendezvous in Bath on September 23, spend the evening there, then depart for Washington September 24 and spend two days at the Washington waterfront before departing on September 26 for homeports. Preliminary schedule and activities are:
Tuesday (9/23) Rendezvous in Bath. You may reserve a slip at Bath Harbor Marina, dock at the free city dock, or anchor close by. Call Paul Minor for Bath Harbor Marina slip reservations ($1.00/ft, 252-923-5711 or 252-943-4650). During your stay at Bath take time to walk the historic streets, visit the Bath Museum, and enjoy the serenity of this beautiful little town. Please bring your drinks and specialty appetizer to share to the Marina gazebo at 1700. Blackbeard’s Slices and Ices, an excellent pizza place, will be open for those who need more nourishment after the appetizers.
Note: if you plan to make the run to Bath in two days there are excellent anchorages in Bonner Bay at the entrance to the Bay River as well as Campbell and Eastman Creeks just past the Hobucken bridge on the ICW. You are also welcome to anchor in Ball Creek (up Bay River) and dinghy to our dock to use our outdoor shower and grill.
Wednesday (9/24) Depart for Washington in the morning. In Washington you may reserve a slip at the Washington City Docks, use one of the free bulkhead docks, or anchor close by. Call Theresa Hamilton for slip reservations ($1.25/ft, 252-975-9367, ext 221). Be sure to call the dock attendants on VHF 16 on arrival if you are using a reserved slip or a free bulkhead space.
Spend the day exploring the many shops in Washington and walking the residential streets with their many beautifully restored homes. Plan to visit the Estuarium on the waterfront and take their river cruise; the cruise departs at 1030 and 1330 every day with 10 people. Call the Estuarium at 252-948-0000 to reserve the cruise. We are not allowed to have alcoholic beverages on the docks or waterfront property in Washington, however, we will try to arrange a get-together hour at 1700 onboard one or more of our boats if we can. Dinner on your own.
Thursday (9/25) Continue to enjoy Washington. At 1730 please plan to join us on the porch at On the Waterfront restaurant for dinner; we will order from the menu and, weather permitting, enjoy a spectacular view of the sunset.
After dinner, the Inner Banks Artisan Center downtown is hosting a local talent jam session until 2100; we are invited to tour the galleries and listen to the music.
Friday (9/26) Depart for homeports. If you want to stay another day, the Turnage Theater downtown is hosting Pamlico Opry; Barefoot Movement at 2000. Tickets are $10 and are available at the box office; call 252-946-2504 for
more information.
If you plan to participate in the cruise please take the following actions:
1. Send an e-mail to us at staceybob@centurylink.net or call us at 252-745-4630 by September 12; we would like your cell phone number for the trip. Please let us know if you plan to attend the dinner on Thursday evening and the jam session.
2. Call Bath Harbor Marina and/or Washington City Docks if you want to make slip reservations.
As always on SCOO cruises we will use VHF 72 as our working channel and assume that each vessel captain is aware that he or she has sole responsibility for the safety of his or her vessel and crew. We look forward to seeing you in Bath and Washington.
Stacey and Bob Taylor, Cruise Captains, Bath and Washington

Oct 1 – Commodores Cup, Pecan Grove
Ed Bliss 249-2745
Oct 2, Rain Date
Social Committee
Update 9/17/14
Just another reminder the Commodores Cup is a little over 2 weeks away. So far we have 5 sailboats signed up. They are Tierney, Rupert, Carmichael, Mannion, Coates and Wolfinger. Looking for 20 or so. Remember the pizza is $8 a person and we need your checks payable to SCOO but received by Chris Behre NLT 9/ 26. Chris is SCOO’s new social chairman. His address is 349 Creek Place Road, Arapahoe North Carolina 28510. Send your entry information to Ed bliss at my email address. Bliss183@gmail.com. We’re going to hold the shore side activities at Pecan Grove. Skippers meeting at nine a.m first boat to start on the river probably around 11, supper at 4:30 p.m. Power boats are welcome. Powerboats can act as safety for the sailboats. This is an on the water event so if you want to participate in the social, you’ll have to come out on the water as crew or in your own boat. Social committee, since they are responsible for the shore side activities of course are welcome. Questions 249 2745.
Ed Bliss
Update 9/11/14
For all participants in the Commodore’s Cup Regatta, the Social Committee is arranging for Pizza, Salad, Desert, non-alcoholic beverages, and ice, as Ed Bliss stated in his announcement. Just like last year,. we will need to collect $8 per person attending the social. Please send checks to my home NLT 9/21, with a list of who is attending, so I can make sure we order an adequate supply of pizza, salad, and desert. My address – 349 Creek Place Road, Arapahoe, NC 28510. You will still need to let Ed Bliss know who is sailing in the regatta per his email.
Chris Behre 249-1059
Update 9/9/14
The Commodores cup is just 3 weeks away. It is a pursuit race for SCOO members. Remember its a fun race. The Social Committee is planning on pizza after the race. You won’t have to bring a covered dish. By return email please advise if you plan to attend. I’ll also need to know how many will be attending the social afterwards. Thank you and I hope our turnout will be good. By return email to me Ed Bliss please advise if you plan to attend and the number including your crew that would be planning to attend the social afterwards.
Responses should be directed to Ed Bliss at, bliss183@ gmail.com.
Ed Bliss

Oct 10-12 – Mum Fest – New Bern

Oct 20-23 – Morehead City-Cape Lookout Cruise
Optional Lighthouse Tour
Carl and Catherine Baxley 249-0983
Art and Elise Tierney 249-2859
Dick and Donna Mannion 249-3676
Joe and Carol Glorioso 249-2404

Oct 30 – South River Wind-up
Doug Sligh and Mary Ann Parham 249-3362

Jan 18, 2015 – Annual Meeting – location TBA
Social Committee

SCOO Officers:
Commodore: Eric Lind (252-249-1907) Email
Vice Commodore: Jerry Buckman
Rear Commodore: Joe Glorioso
Secretary: Karen Parker
Treasurer: Bob Taylor
Board of Governers:
Term thru 2014: John Bischoff, Sandy Evans
Term thru 2015: Beth Michne, Elizabeth Buckman
Term thru 2016: Jerry Luh, Catherine Baxley
Social Committee Chair: Catherine Baxley
Membership Chair: Beth Michne
Pilot Editor: Gordon Kellogg (252-249-2130) Email
E-Mail Provider: Dave Marchand (252-249-0651) Email
Webmasters: Les Smith (919-812-4721) Email
Handbook: Cheryl Crowley
Social Committee: (needs 2014 update?) Wolf & Monica Bischoff, Walt & MaryAnn Brown, Nelda Coats, Mary Duffie, Earl & Sandy Evens, Susan Hiller, George & Joanne Hurley, Melissa Lavallee, MaryAnn Lind, Don Maher, Dan & Dottie Miller, George & Charlotte Schenck, Tony & Evelyn Scozzafava, Gary & Sue Williams.
SCOO Board Meetings: Feb 3rd, May 5th, Aug 4th, Nov 3rd.
Meetings are held at the Oriental Village Hall (town hall) at 0930 hours, all SCOO members are welcome to attend.

SCOO Forms:
SCOO Reimbursement Form (posted 2/17/12)
SCOO Membership Application (updated 2/17/12)

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