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Jul 19-20 – Full Moon Rendezvous – South RiverCANCELLED
Cruise Captain TBA
Update 7/17/16
We have had a couple of cancellations already and have looked again at the weather. The storms are coming in just about the time we will be dropping the hook in South River and the forecast is that the probability for strong thunder storms goes up as the day goes on. Sadly we have decided to cancel going to South River today. In hindsight, we should have gone yesterday. Oh well. There will be other full moons without thunder and lightning. See you on the water another day. Stay cool and safe.
Alice Petree, Tom McElroy
Update 7/18/16
Ahoy Fellow Skippers
We have looked at weather reports for tomorrow. It is the usual scattered afternoon thunderstorms for tomorrow afternoon but more importantly the chance of rain and thunderstorms increases to 90% overnight. Odds of us seeing a full moon don’t look bright. Our plans are to drop a hook at 3pm in the afternoon and be prepared to up anchor at about 6pm so that we can get back to Pierce Creek before dark. We don’t have AC at anchor and the thought of being buttoned down in the rain is not appealing.
We will check radar tomorrow and if things look worse we leave the option open to cancel all together.
Update 7/9/16
From Cruise Captains Tom McElroy & Alice Petree:
Tired of the heavy traffic on our streets? Want to get a cup of coffee at the Bean, but are confronted by the self-appointed “experts” speaking of topics they know not? Tired of the congestion at the Oriental Federal building caused by individuals that should not be driving? Then come join us for an escape!!!
The SCOO Moon Lite South River Cruise, July 19-20 2016, is just two weeks away!!! Alice and I are excited about “Co-captaining” this event. Plan to meet us in the South River at the “cemetery” anchorage, ( lat: 34degrees 57.5224’ long: -76 degrees 34.4563’). To put it simply, when you get to flashing red “6” in the river, anchorage is on the left shore directly across.
If you haven’t been to South River according to Cruising Guide to North Carolina:
“The South River is a large uniformly deep and well marked side water on the south eastern shore of the Neuse 4.5 nautical miles south of flashing day beacon #6, located off Gum Thicket Shoal. The river has a narrow entrance but it is marked in a more than adequate fashion. Most of the shoreline is completely untouched. ..….”
We plan to meet at 4pm (1600) and raft up. Rafts will break up around 6:30pm (1830). Bring a dish to share for a pot luck dinner. Members are encouraged to drop their own anchor and stay over for the evening. Unfortunately, there is no “rain date” for this event. We will watch the weather, and react accordingly.
Please contact us with your name, boat name, and contact info for our manifest if you plan to join us NLT July 17, so we can publish the member attendee listing. Our info is as follows:
Alice: 703.628.8123 appinfiona@yahoo.com
Tom: 703.593.1764 tomlmcelroy@yahoo.com
Alice and I plan to be anchored at the site by 1pm (1300). We will monitor VHF channel 16 and 72. We will also monitor the weather forecasts and advise attendees via email if it looks like we have to cancel. For planning purposes, please plan to bring your own food and “libations” for you and your friends. Photos are encouraged! We hope this event is well covered for future reference and to enlist new memberships.
NOE & Registration

Aug 2-4 – Dowry Creek Marina Pool Party – Belhaven
Bob & Stacy Taylor 745-4603
Update 7/18/16
Summer heat got you down? We’re only two weeks away from SCOO’s Dowry Creek Cruise where we can take advantage of the marina’s refreshing outdoor pool and air conditioned clubhouse. We’ll depart homeports on Tuesday, August 2, and return on Thursday, August 4, spending two nights at Dowry Creek Marina, one of the best small marinas in our area located just north of Belhaven on the AICW. Tentative plans include afternoon swims, dinners in the clubhouse, a bike ride (12 miles round trip) to Belhaven for lunch, a blind dinghy race, and more. The marina offers a courtesy car for those needing provisions or wishing to drive into Belhaven rather than bike. If you wish to make the trip please:
1. Send us an email at staceybob@centurylink.net or call at 252-745-4630
2. Call Mary at 252-943-2728 to make slip reservations.
We would like to get a final boat count by Saturday, July 30.
Stacey and Bob Taylor
Cruise Captains, Dowry Creek

Aug 18 – Moonlight Sail – Oriental
Ray & Kathy Ruppert 249-1162

Aug 26-27 – Dock, Dine & Swim – River Dunes
Cruise Captain TBA

Sep 1 – Regretta Regatta – Sea Harbour Yacht Club
Gerry & Cheryl Crowley 249-9802

Sep 17-18 Oriental Cup Regatta (not a SCOO event)
Neuse Yacht Racing Association – open to all registrants

Sep 12-16 – Morehead City / Cape Lookout Picnic on the Beach & Lighthouse Tour
Pat & Almira Dallas 249-2585

Sep 28 – Commodore’s Cup – Pecan Grove Marina
Joe Glorioso 249-2404, Gordon Kellogg & Social Committee

Oct 7-9 – Smell the Flowers Mumfest Cruise – New Bern
Ray & Kathy Ruppert 249-1162

Oct 17-25 – Southport & Bald Head Island Cruise
Will & Beth Martin 716-812-1370
Update 7/25/16
SCOO’s fall cruise this year is to Southport, NC/Bald Head Island. The schedule has us departing Oriental on October 17 with a return on or about October 25. Although it’s 12 weeks away I thought it might be worthwhile to bring it up to give folks who weren’t aware of the voyage time to plan, offer input, and make arrangements. For those of you who were aware of the cruise this would provide an opportunity for input regarding routes, marinas, and anchorages. Your cruise captains for this trip are Beth and Will Martin (S/V Martinique) and Jamie and Chris Behre (S/V Jorum).
There are several possible routes to get to Southport by boat. Probably the most common is by way of the AICW. However, in discussing the trip with others, some have shown an interest in making an off shore passage, cutting a day or so off of the trip. In the next several paragraphs I’ll sum up my initial thoughts on routes and schedules.
The Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway provides a relatively consistent route down the coast, albeit a bit slower than an off shore passage. The trip is about 115 nautical miles from Oriental to Southport and can be broken up into a three day trip, each leg taking about 8 hours. My initial idea of a potential itinerary is:
• Monday, Oct. 17 – Depart Oriental for Swansboro – approx. 8 hours, 42 nm
• Tuesday, Oct. 18 – Depart Swansboro for Hampstead – approx. 7 hours, 32 nm
• Wednesday, Oct. 19 – Depart Hampstead for Southport – approx. 8 hours, 37 nm
• Thursday, Oct. 20 – In port at Southport
• Friday, Oct. 21 – In port at Southport during day, Underway for Bald Head Island in afternoon – transit approx. 45 minutes, 3 nm.
• Saturday, Oct. 22 – In port BHI
• Sunday, Oct. 23 – Depart BHI for Hampstead – approx. 8 hours, 40 nm.
• Monday, Oct. 24 – Depart Hampstead for Swansboro – approx. 7 hours, 32 nm
• Tuesday, Oct. 25 – Depart Swansboro for Oriental – approx. 8 hours, 42 nm.
A trip up or down the AICW is far less dependent on the weather, but does come with its own set of challenges. With the exception of our area around Oriental, the AICW is basically a relatively narrow ditch that has certain areas that are subject to rapid shoaling. The portion of the AICW south of Swansboro and north of Topsail Beach has been the subject of a number of articles and warnings for shoaling. However, many, many cruisers make it up and down through that stretch of water every day successfully. Also, I am not a big fan of attempting to navigate “the ditch” at night. Crab pots and nets are difficult to see and avoid at night, so for the most part, I limit my AICW travels to daylight hours.
The final issue regarding transiting the AICW is the drawbridge schedules. There are, I believe, three drawbridges (swing bridges) between Swansboro and Wrightsville Beach. The two in Wrightsville Beach are on a schedule, so this can add some time to the transit. I don’t know if the bridge in Topsail beach is on a schedule or demand, but it can add some time to that leg of the trip.
If you would like to go offshore the trip to Southport would possibly take less time, but the distance would be about the same for one option and about 20 nm further for the other. The biggest drawback I see would be the requirement for an appropriate weather window for the off shore passage.
Option 1 would be to go from Oriental to Beaufort then leave Beaufort Inlet and head SW to Massonboro Inlet and rejoin the AICW in Wrightsville Beach for the remaining 21 nm trip to Southport. The distance from Beaufort Inlet to Massonboro Inlet offshore is about 65 to 70 nm, which with the right conditions could be made in about 11 hours. After arriving in Wrightsville Beach you would only have about a three hour transit down to Southport. One possible itinerary might be:
• Monday, Oct. 17 – Depart Oriental for Beaufort – approx. 4 hours, 22 nm
• Tuesday, Oct. 18 – Depart Beaufort for Massonboro Inlet – approx. 11 hours, 70 nm then pick up the AICW at Statute mile marker 285 for run to Southport – approx. 3 hours, 21 nm.
• Wednesday, Oct. 19 – In port at Southport
• Thursday, Oct. 20 – In port at Southport
• Friday, Oct. 21 – In port at Southport during day, Underway for Bald Head Island in afternoon – transit approx. 45 minutes, 3 nm.
• Saturday, Oct. 22 – In port BHI
• Sunday, Oct. 23 – Depart BHI or Southport for Wrightsville Beach – approx.. 3.5 hours, 24 nm
• Monday, Oct. 24 – Depart Wrightsville Beach/Massonboro Inlet for Beaufort Inlet – approx. 11 hours, 70 nm.
• Tuesday, Oct. 25 – Depart Beaufort for Oriental – approx. 4 hours, 22 nm.
Option 2 would have you leave Beaufort Inlet and enter the Cape Fear River, rounding Cape Fear. This option adds about 20 nm to the trip, but with the right weather window would be a great off shore passage. A possible itinerary for this trip might be:
• Monday, Oct. 17 – Depart Oriental for Beaufort – approx. 4 hours, 22 nm
• Tuesday, Oct. 18 – Depart Beaufort for Cape Fear River Inlet – approx. 17 hours, 103 nm then approx. 45 minutes, 3 nm to Southport
• Wednesday, Oct. 19 – In port at Southport
• Thursday, Oct. 20 – In port at Southport
• Friday, Oct. 21 – In port at Southport during day, Underway for Bald Head Island in afternoon – transit approx. 45 minutes, 3 nm.
• Saturday, Oct. 22 – In port BHI
• Sunday, Oct. 23 – In port BHI or Southport
• Monday, Oct. 24 – Depart BHI or Southport for Beaufort Inlet – approx. 17 hours, 103 nm.
• Tuesday, Oct. 25 – Depart Beaufort for Oriental – approx. 4 hours, 22 nm.
One thing to keep in mind if considering an offshore passage for this trip; if the weather is not conducive for sailing offshore on one side of the sail then consider taking the AICW and wait and see if things are more in your favor for the return voyage.
Both offshore passages sound great, given a good weather window. The Cape Fear route takes you (well, it would absolutely take me) about 20 nm out around Cape Fear before heading back north to make the Cape Fear River Inlet. If you were to take that route, the Bald Head Island Marina, where we would stay if going to Bald Head Island, would be hard to starboard just before reaching green flashing buoy 13A.
As I mentioned in the opening, this is just an initial notice of the upcoming cruise. I would really appreciate your feedback on what you would like during the trip. As for the routes we discussed, no one has to take any given route. If you, as skipper, think the conditions are right for an offshore passage, by all means, take the trip. If you would rather enjoy the changing landscape that a cruise down the AICW affords, then that’s the route for you. As we get closer, I’ll be getting some specific information regarding marinas and activities.
Will Martin Cell: (716) 812-1370 / Email: will.martin@imalife.com
Chris Behre Cell: 757-647-0654 / Email: Cpbehre@centurylink.net

Oct 28-29 – South River Pizza Rendezous
Chaz & Neilda Coats 249-1616

Jan 14, 2017 – Annual Change of Watch Meeting
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