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Upcoming Events:
Mar 25 – Neuse River Shakedown – Man Overboard Drill
Joe & Carol Glorioso 249-2404
Update 3/23/15
The 2015 Shakedown Cruise, our first on the water event of the season, is just around the corner. This coming Wednesday, March 25th, we will meet at the Oriental “one” mark at 12:00 PM to test our skills with a man overboard exercise. This is a great opportunity to safely practice an important skill, so we look forward to seeing many of you out there! Afterward, all participants are welcome to meet at 4:30 PM for a Pot Luck at Pecan Grove Marina.
Please email (joe.gloriosop33@gmail.com) or call me at (252-249-2404) to let me know if you will be participating.
Two exercises are scheduled, weather permitting. Commodore Jerry Buckman will be out in a motor boat to facilitate the exercises using VHF channel 72. Each boat will have a minimum of four timed runs on the man overboard exercise. Two runs will be under sail and two runs will be motoring. The Commodore will drop a “dummy” in the water and call a boat name. The boat who’s name is called will sail close past the dummy, and as soon as your transom passes the dummy the timer will start and you may begin your attempt. The objective is to complete the turn and pick up the dummy using a boat hook. As soon as the dummy reaches your lifeline height, the clock will stop, and you can drop the dummy back in the water. The Commodore will then call the next boat to pick up the dummy.
1) Sailing, captain at the helm.
2) Sailing, first mate at he helm.
3) Motoring, captain at the helm.
4) Motoring, first mate at the helm.
5) Other runs as facilitated by the Commodore are possible.
After we complete the man overboard exercise, we will sail to TWO GPS coordinates and be given a compass bearing, which will be announced by the Commodore on the water via VHF channel 72. Simply sail to the GPS coordinate and take the compass bearing. Write down what you see and bring it to Pecan Grove, along with a covered dish to share.
If you have any questions, please give me a call.
Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you on the water!
Jerry and Joe
Update 3/15/15
With the successful Oyster Roast already behind us, we are looking forward to our first on-the-water event of 2015! The Neuse River Shakedown Cruise is scheduled for Wednesday, March 25th. Weather permitting, we will be gathering at the Oriental One mark at noon. This first on-the-water event is a good way to make sure our boats are prepared and ready for the new sailing season. Details of the Shakedown Cruise and man overboard drill, which will be orchestrated by our Commodore and Vice Commodore, are being finalized and will be provided in an email next week.
Of course we can’t have a SCOO event without a pot luck dinner for the participants, to follow afterwards at Pecan Grove Marina.
2015 Shakedown Cruise
When: March 25th at 12:00 PM
Where: Oriental One mark
Pot luck afterwards: Pecan Grove Marina at 4:30 PM
Mark your calendars! All who plan to attend, please email or call Joe Glorioso: joe.gloriosop33@gmail.com or 252-249-2404.

Apr 15 – Commissioning Day Eve – Hors d’oevres, Sea Harbour YC
Jerry & Elizabeth Buckman 249-0840

Apr 16 – Annual Commissioning Day – Sea Harbour YC
Commodore & Social Committee

Apr 21 – Chilli Cookout – Point Marina, Broad Creek
Joe & Carol Gloriso 249-2404

May 7-8 – Steak Out at the Stackhouse’s – Gideon Creek off Broad Creek
Charles & Ann Stackhouse 249-9883

May 11-14 – Ocracoke Cruise & Pool Party at River Dunes
Jerry & Elizabeth Buckmann 249-0840

June 2 – Italian Night Cookout Rendezvous – Up the Creek Marina, Vandemere
Ed & Jane Bliss 249-2745, Art & Elise Tierney 249-2859

Jun 19 – Broad Creek Shore Picnic (Eve of Summer Solstice Race)
Jerry & Donna Luh 249-1190

Jun 20 – Summer Solstice Race (SCOO & ODC)
Event open to all Registered entrants.
Pig Roast after race at Dennis & Elaine Snyder’s
Gerry & Cheryl Crowley 249-9802, Gordon Kellogg 249-2130, Dennis & Elaine Snyder 249-6590

Jul 14 – Annual SCOO Picnic – Sea Harbour YC
Rain Date Jul 15.
Commodore & Social Committee

Jul 31 – Blue Moon South River Cookout Cruise
Ray & Kathy Ruppert 249-1162

Aug 11-13 – Ocracoke Cruise II
Cruise captain needed

Sep 1 – Regretta Regatta – Sea Harbour
Gerry & Cheryl Crowley – 249-9802

Sep 12-13 – Oriental Cup Regatta (ODC, not a SCOO event)

Sep 22-25 – Morehead City, Cape Lookout Picnic & Lighthouse Tour
Cruise Captain needed

Sep 30 – Commodore Cup – Pecan Grove Marina
Cruise Captain needed

Oct 9-11 – Smell the Flowers Mum Fest Boat Party – New Bern
Ray & Kathy Ruppert 249-1162

Oct 13-16 – Little Washington Cruise with stop in Bath
Bob & Stacy Taylor 745-4630

Oct 27 – South River Pizza Fall Cruise
Bill & Phyllis Chaplik 249-0275

Jan 16 2016 – Annual Change of Watch Meeting – Flame, New Bern
Social Committee

SCOO Officers:
Commodore: Jerry Buckman (252-249-0840) Email
Vice Commodore: Joe Glorioso
Rear Commodore: Ray Ruppert
Secretary: Catherine Baxley
Treasurer: Bob Taylor
Board of Governers:
Term thru 2015: Beth Michne, Elizabeth Buckman
Term thru 2016: Jerry Luh, Catherine Baxley
Term thru 2017: Nelda Coates, Bob Pittman
Nominations Committee: Penny Monell (chair), Beth Michne, Jerry Buckmann
Social Committee Chair: Chris Behre
Membership Chair: Beth Michne
Pilot Editor: Gordon Kellogg (252-249-2130) Email
E-Mail Provider: Chris Behre (252-249-1059) Email
Webmaster: Les Smith (919-812-4721) Email
Handbook: Cheryl Crowley
Social Committee: Walter & Mary Ann Brown, MaryAnne Lind, Nelda Coats, Mary Duffie, Melissa Levallee, Dan & Dottie Miller, Tony & Evelyn Scozzafava, Donna Luh, Cyndy Little, Walter & Dawn Hoyle, Dave & Kay DeSalvo, Bill & Phyllis Chaplik, Chris & Jamie Behre.
SCOO Board Meetings: to be advised
Meetings are held at the Oriental Town Hall at 0930 hours, all SCOO members are welcome to attend. 2015 meeting dates are Feb 23, May 4, Aug 3, Nov 12.

SCOO Photo Directory:
SCOO Member Photographs taken at Annual Meeting (posted 2/9/15)

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SCOO Membership Application (updated 2/6/15)
SCOO Reimbursement Form (posted 2/8/13)

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SCOO Seminar Schedule (posted 2/9/15)
SCOO Cruise Schedule (posted 2/9/15)
SCOO Event & Cruising Considerations (updated 2/7/13)
2015 Flag Officers & Management (updated 2/9/15)
SCOO 2013 Marine & Business Directory (updated 2/7/13)
2014 Boat Roster (updated 8/4/14)
SCOO Sponsorship Requirements & Application Form (updated 2/6/15)
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