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Upcoming Events:
Dec 12 – Christmas Flotilla – not a SCOO event
There will be a Christmas flotilla as part of the 2014 annual Oriental Spirit of Christmas festivities. Boats will rendezvous at Oriental marker “1” at 1630 on Friday, December 12th and proceed on a prescribed route as yet to be determined. Those participating and desiring a reserved slip at the new, free, town dock will be provided one on a first to register basis. This dock will be reserved from Friday noon until Sunday noon. A limited amount of electricity will be provided at this dock for lighting only. We will also have free overflow slips available throughout Oriental for out of area or out of town boaters.
Please contact Joe Valinoti via email at joesail1@gmail.com for the entry form and flotilla instructions including slip assignments.

Jan 18, 2015 – Annual Meeting – location TBA
Social Committee

SCOO Officers:
Commodore: Eric Lind (252-249-1907) Email
Vice Commodore: Jerry Buckman
Rear Commodore: Joe Glorioso
Secretary: Karen Parker
Treasurer: Bob Taylor
Board of Governers:
Term thru 2014: John Bischoff, Sandy Evans
Term thru 2015: Beth Michne, Elizabeth Buckman
Term thru 2016: Jerry Luh, Catherine Baxley
Social Committee Chair: Catherine Baxley
Membership Chair: Beth Michne
Pilot Editor: Gordon Kellogg (252-249-2130) Email
E-Mail Provider: Dave Marchand (252-249-0651) Email
Webmasters: Les Smith (919-812-4721) Email
Handbook: Cheryl Crowley
Social Committee: (needs 2014 update?) Wolf & Monica Bischoff, Walt & MaryAnn Brown, Nelda Coats, Mary Duffie, Earl & Sandy Evens, Susan Hiller, George & Joanne Hurley, Melissa Lavallee, MaryAnn Lind, Don Maher, Dan & Dottie Miller, George & Charlotte Schenck, Tony & Evelyn Scozzafava, Gary & Sue Williams.
SCOO Board Meetings: Feb 3rd, May 5th, Aug 4th, Nov 3rd.
Meetings are held at the Oriental Village Hall (town hall) at 0930 hours, all SCOO members are welcome to attend.

SCOO Forms:
SCOO Reimbursement Form (posted 2/17/12)
SCOO Membership Application (updated 2/17/12)

Updated Handbook Pages:
From the Commodore (viewing version) (printing version) (updated 2/18/14)
2014 Winter Seminars (viewing version) (printing version) (updated 2/18/14)
SCOO Event & Cruising Considerations (updated 2/7/13)
2014 Cruise Schedule (viewing version) (printing version) (updated 2/18/14)
2014 Flag Officers & Management (viewing version) (printing version) (updated 2/18/14)
SCOO 2013 Marine & Business Directory (updated 2/7/13)
2014 Boat Roster- updated 8/4/14 (Click here to download pdf)
SCOO Event & Cruising Considerations (updated 2/7/13)
SCOO Sponsorship Requirements & Application (viewing version) (printing version) (updated 2/18/14)
SCOO Cruise Captain Checklist (updated 2/8/13)
SCOO By-Laws (updated 2/8/13)
1K Nautical Mile Award (viewing version) (printing version) (updated 2/18/14)
SCOO Reimbursement Form (posted 2/8/13)