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Message from the Commodore:
2016 Commodore’s Message – posted 1/24/16

Upcoming Events:
Oct 28-29 – South River Pizza Rendezous
Chaz & Neilda Coats 249-1616
SCOO Pizza Party – South River, Friday, October 28, 2016
Our traditional end of season pizza party will be held on South River at the junction with Southwest Creek.
SCOO boats can spend the afternoon and evening Friday or may stay overnight for a Saturday, Oct. 29th departure.
This is a great way for prospective new members to get in their overnight requirement!
You may raft up or anchor separately and dinghy over to join us aboard our host vessel MV Juniata to claim your slices.
Because pizza topping selection is more difficult than predicting election results, we will order cheese pizzas and request that you
bring your own anchovies or other favorite toppings. Also, please bring your favorite beverage, utensils, etc. Snacks and desserts
are always welcome contributions too.
We request all coming to notify us by email (railpace@centurylink.net) or telephone (252-249-0275) no later than Wednesday, Oct. 26th,
so that we may order the right amount of pizza. Please provide us the name of your boat and number of persons on board.
We will endeavor mightily to arrive with the pizza still hot enough to enjoy, but for those with cold-pizza-phobia, please be advised that we
have a convection oven aboard with which to reheat your slices to satisfaction.
The date(s)- Friday, October 28, 2016 and Saturday, October 29, 2016
Times: Gather anytime afternoon on Friday, pizza as close to 5 pm as we can arrange, break raftup before dark to head home or anchor overnight.
Place: South River at the junction with Southwest Creek (continue past Lukens on South River, Southwest Creek will be on your Starboard)
Radio: hail on Channel 16, SCOO will be on Channel 78 for local communications
We hope to see you there!
Cruise Captains: Bill and Phyllis Chaplik
Update 10/14/16
This is another great opportunity for prospective members to meet their overnight trip requirement; another great opportunity to socialize with your fellow sailors and spend a quite night on the water. We will send out detailed information on the cruise next week.
See you on the water!
Ray and Kathy Ruppert
“Lady K”, 252-249-1162, rruppert@centurylink.net

Nov 11-13 – Mumfest Revisited
Ray and Kathy Ruppert 249-1162
Update 10/14/16
The third time’s the charm. The Mumfest Cruise was cancelled because of hurricane Matthew. New Bern became the alternative to our Southport cruise. Now Mumfest is back! Swiss Bear the producers of Mumfest have rescheduled the event for November 12 and 13. This is our third attempt to cruise to New Bern so it should work. Here are the details of our proposed cruise:
The cruise is November 11 – 13, 2016. We will be staying at New Bern Grand Marina. The marina is adjacent to the DoubleTree Hotel and is in easy walking distance to the festival. Slip fees are $1.50 per foot per day ($1.25 if you are a member of BoatUS.) Electricity is $4.00 per day (30 amp); $6:00 per day (50 amp). Please note: all reservations must be pre-paid and are non-refundable. If the trip is cancelled due to weather or for any other reason, you can reschedule your stay at the marina. You may also anchor out and use your dinghy. Those wishing to make a reservation should call Doug at 252-638-0318 or email him at doug@newberngrandmarinayachtclub.com. Tell him you are with the Sailing Club of Oriental so that he can attempt to put us in adjacent slips.
Please let us know when you make a reservation. We will be sending out detailed information on the cruise the week before to those participating in the trip. Questions? Give us call or email us.

Jan 14, 2017 – Annual Change of Watch Meeting
Social Committee

SCOO Officers:
Commodore: Joe Glorioso (252-249-2404) Send email
Vice Commodore: Ray Ruppert
Rear Commodore: Chris Behre
Secretary: Catherine Baxley
Treasurer: Bob Taylor
Board of Governers:
Term thru 2016: Jerry Luh, Gordon Kellogg, Jerry Buckmann
Term thru 2017: Nelda Coates, Bob Pittman
Term thru 2017: Pat Dallas, Roger Hammer
Nominations Committee: Eric Lind (chair), Elizabeth Buckmann, Beth Michne
Social Committee Chair: Roger Hammer
Membership Chair: Gordon Kellogg
Pilot Editor: Gordon Kellogg (252-249-2130) Send email
E-Mail Provider: Chris Behre (252-249-1059) Send email
Webmaster: Les Smith (919-812-4721) Send email
Handbook: Kathy Ruppert (252-249-1162) Send email
Social Committee: Social Committee Members
SCOO Board Meetings: to be advised
Meetings are held at the Oriental Town Hall at 0930 hours, all SCOO members are welcome to attend. 2016 meeting dates are Feb 22, May 2, Aug 1 & Nov 7.

SCOO Photo Directory:
Member Photographs taken at 2015 Annual Meeting (posted 2/9/15)

SCOO Forms:
Membership Application (updated 7/31/16)
Reimbursement Form (posted 2/8/13)

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2016 Message from the Commodore (posted 2/26/16)
2016 Seminar Schedule (updated 2/22/16)
2016 Cruise Schedule (updated 2/22/16)
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SCOO is a cooperating member of BoatUS and members of SCOO who join or renew their membership are eligible for a discount on the annual membership fee.
The SCOO Cooperating Group Number is GA80948S