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Upcoming Events:
Aug 30 – ODC PHRF Pursuit Race – not a SCOO Event
To SCOO members, captains or crew,
ODC is conducting a PURSUIT RACE next Saturday. It has been advertised with a thought of how to introduce existing non racers/cruisers to our events. While most SCOO members are familiar with ODC you are invited to join us for a fun day on the water.
Ken Small
An Oriental Dinghy Club PHRF Pursuit Race
Oriental NC, August 30, 2014
1.1 The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing for 2013-2016.
2.1 The race is open to all NC-PHRF rated monohulls boats with a minimum of 20’ in length. There is no entry fee.
2.2 Entrants without a current NC-PHRF certificate may be required to fill out a rating application form. Those without a NC-PHRF rating certificate will be assigned a provisional rating for purposes of this regatta.
2.3 A pursuit race uses the boats PHRF rating to assign individual starting times to each boat. Boats with the highest rating (slower boats) will be given an earlier starting time. The results are determined by the order in which each boat crosses the start/finish line.
2.4 ODC members can register by emailing Ken Small smallkencarolgmail.com with their intention to race by August 27th.
2.5 NON ODC MEMBERS can register by emailing to Ken Small their intention to race in two ways:
a. By email which MUST INCLUDE ALL OF THE INFORMATION on the entry form below by August 27th 2014..
b. By mailing the form included below to arrive in ODC’s mailbox by August 27th 2014.
3.1 A Skipper’s Meeting will be held at 0900 on Saturday at the gazebo at SailCraft Marina on Tosto Circle in Oriental…
3.2 There will be one race. The first boat’ starting time will be 1100
3.3 There will be a social following the race at the SailCraft gazebo following the race. ODC will provide beer, soda, and chips. At that time the organizers would like to get feedback from the participants.
The sailing instructions will be available after August 20th on www.towndock.net/odc and will be available at the Skippers Meeting.. If there is a conflict between the NOR and the Sailing Instructions, the Sailing Instructions shall govern. This changes rule 63.7.
5.1 Regatta Headquarters will be the gazebo at SailCraft Marina.. The race will be held in the waters off of Oriental.
6 THE COURSE The course for will be as described in the sailing instructions.
7 RADIO COMMUNICATION The RC will monitor VHF channel 78A and may make race announcements on channel 78A.
8 DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See rule 4, Decision to Race. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.
Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance with a minimum cover of $300,000 per incident or the equivalent.
10 FURTHER INFORMATION For further information please contact Bob Luhrs.252-671-0160.
Entry Form ODC PHRF Pursuit Race
Oriental NC, August 30, 2014
Name: ____________________________
Phone: Home______________ Cell_______________
Address: __________________________
E-Mail: ________________________
Boat Name: ________________________
Year: ________ Make: _________________________ Length: ________ Draft: _______
Propulsion: Inboard / Outboard
Sail #: ________ NC-PHRF: ________
NCPHRF: Enclosed 2014 NC-PHRF Website None – Rating needed
IF NCPHRF Rating needed, check all applicable:
Roller Furling
Propeller: Fixed / 3-Blade / In Aperture
Largest Jib: Under 111 / Under 136 / Over 155
Mail to Ken Small, 109 Pineview Drive, Oriental NC 28571
I agree to be bound by the rules and regulations of the event. In consideration of the acceptance of this entry or by my being permitted to take part, I agree to waive all claims against the Oriental Dinghy Club, its organizers and their respective agents, officials, servants and representatives in respect to death, injury loss or damage to my person or property however caused arising out of or in connection with my taking part in this event notwithstanding that the same may be caused by or occasioned by the negligence of the same bodies or any of them or their agents, officials, servants or representatives. I furthermore understand and agree that this Release is binding upon me, my crew, my heirs executors and assigns.
Signature ________________________________ Date ___/____/_____

Sept. 2 – Regretta Regatta – Pecan Grove
Gerry & Cheryl Crowley 249-9802
Social Committee
Update 8/28/14
The REGRETTA REGATTA is fast approaching. The Elbonians are getting restless. There is no rain delay as the Elbonians intend to join Joe Valinoti’s Wednesday Nite Racing .
If you intend to partake in the REGRETTA you need to get signed up soon….we are fast approaching the “Occupancy limit (623) “ of Pecan Grove Marina….so if you don’t want
to be placed on a waiting list get signed up sooooooooon, if possible do it by yesterday.
Again either email (gerryandcheryl@centurylink.net) or call 252-249-9802.
Update 8/26/14
The REGRETTA REGATTA is only seven (7) days away. The REGRETTA is to be a fun event (parade, race, whatever) on the waters off Oriental open to both power and sail. The “Three-Cheat Rule” (TCR) will be in effect. Boats will rendezvous in the vicinity of Oriental 1…Look for RI RA around noon (1200 hrs to be precise). The parade/race will have a staggered start (Pursuit style). The course will be most likely a triangle course around the government marks of Oriental 1, Garbacon Shoal (#7) and Adams’s Creek (#1AC). This weekend’s (Saturday) ODC race would be a perfect “practice” for anyone contemplating the REGRETTA. Additional guidance will be distributed to participates by this coming Monday Sept 1.
As usual following the on the water activities there will be an “AWARDS” ceremony followed by a social at Pecan Grove all beginning at 615 hrs. (4:30) . It’s a “pot luck” and BYOB along with chairs. You should bring sufficient vitals to feed “thousands” and members of the ELBONIAN YACHT RACING UNIONS delegation expected to attend. Their support vessel has been spotted in the area. The REGRETTA committee is looking for any members that may speak ELBONIAN to assist us in welcoming them to the REGRETTA.
PLEASE call or email us with your intention to participate..Gerry & Cheryl at 249-9802 or gerryandcheryl@centurylink.net
Update 8/17/14
SCOO’s 2014 REGRETTA REGATTA is fast approaching. The “event” will be held on the waters of the Neuse River off Oriental on September 2, 2014..That’s a Tuesday. and that’s about 15 days away.
In case anyone is forgetful??? The Regretta is a fun race, parade whatever of boats, power or sail, on a course established by the event committee. The “race” is in accordance with the “Three Cheat Rule” (TCR) established by the original event founder past Commodore Arthur Tierney shortly after Columbus arrived in the new country. The TCR in effect allows three cheats..for example, you can race with your engine on, you don’t have to race at all, you can ignore one of the course marks, you can go in the opposite direction etc. The on the water event is followed by a “social” pot-luck at Pecan Grove.
Further details will be forth coming.
Please call us (Gerry/Cheryl Crowley 249-9802) or email (gerryandcheryl@centurylink.net) to sign-up. You are welcome to invite non-SCOO members to participate with their boats.

Sept 16&17 – Clubfoot Creek – Pizza Rondevous
Dick and Donna Mannion 249-3676
Art and Elise Tierney 249-2859
Roy and Kathy Ruppert 249-1162

Sept 19-21 – Oriental Cup Regatta (not a SCOO event)

Sept. 23-26 – Little Washington Cruise

Oct 1 – Commodores Cup, Pecan Grove
Ed Bliss 249-2745
Oct 2, Rain Date
Social Committee

Oct 10-12 – Mum Fest – New Bern

Oct 20-23 – Morehead City-Cape Lookout Cruise
Optional Lighthouse Tour
Carl and Catherine Baxley 249-0983
Art and Elise Tierney 249-2859
Dick and Donna Mannion 249-3676
Joe and Carol Glorioso 249-2404

Oct 30 – South River Wind-up
Doug Sligh and Mary Ann Parham 249-3362

Jan 18, 2015 – Annual Meeting – location TBA
Social Committee

SCOO Officers:
Commodore: Eric Lind (252-249-1907) Email
Vice Commodore: Jerry Buckman
Rear Commodore: Joe Glorioso
Secretary: Karen Parker
Treasurer: Bob Taylor
Board of Governers:
Term thru 2014: John Bischoff, Sandy Evans
Term thru 2015: Beth Michne, Elizabeth Buckman
Term thru 2016: Jerry Luh, Catherine Baxley
Social Committee Chair: Catherine Baxley
Membership Chair: Beth Michne
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SCOO Board Meetings: Feb 3rd, May 5th, Aug 4th, Nov 3rd.
Meetings are held at the Oriental Village Hall (town hall) at 0930 hours, all SCOO members are welcome to attend.

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SCOO Reimbursement Form (posted 2/17/12)
SCOO Membership Application (updated 2/17/12)

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